YNSA 宮崎市 山元病院 介護老人保健施設ハイム苑 山元リハビリテーションクリニック


YNSA  =  Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture

理事長 山元 敏勝YNSA is a new Acupuncture method developed by the Japanese doctor of medicine Toshikatsu Yamamoto. It was first reported at the 1973 Ryodoraku Congress in Osaka.

The method consisted at that time of a Somatotope, or replica of the human body on the forehead with 5 Basic-Points. In all the years since, Dr. Yamamoto found many more Points and also other Somatotopes in other parts of the body.

He explored tiredless many of the willing patients that would give permission.
Dr Yamamoto is a very modest man that still says he only learned from his patients that showed him and told him patiently where and when it hurt and of course when they felt better after the treatment he gave them.

The treatment is very effective and well tolerated for many pain symptoms and disabilities after stroke or accidents , also a number of internal medical illnesses have shown good results. In the neurological medical field it is very valuable. The patient often feels improvement already with the first treatment.

YNSA has its own diagnostic system also developed by Dr. Yamamoto. Palpating the diagnostic Points for any tenderness or hardness, one can feel and decide what YNSA Point has to be treated.

Through this every YNSA Treatment is very individual and promising. The method is by now well known around the world. Dr Yamamoto teaches many doctors and Acupuncturists everywhere and also in his own hospital in Japan.


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                   2018 YNSA Seminar

                     March  3/4  Dr.Helling  Soest info:    Telephone 0170 21 51 488 
                     Email rudolf.helling@web.de

                     May .Meran  Sued Tirol.  Italy Info:  Dr.Oskar Ausserer
                     E-mail: ausserer@rolmail.net

                    Because of illness ,we canceled all Seminars this year.
For next year we will not forget to anounce in this Home Page,
Regard from Helen and Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto








Our latest YNSA book ,plus......
Other Y-Somatotopes and Points
200 Pages with many illustrations and Fotos.
YNSA POINTS demostrated on Fotos,for easy recognition.

Price:19000 Jap.Yen,
Inclusive Air mail postage,and tax.
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